MX-5 Coolant Reroute Kit I.L.Motorsport

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  • Mazda MX-5 MK1 1989 - 1998 1.6l
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Now available coolant reroute kit for MX-5 NA 1.6l models

Due to the disrupted coolant flow in the MX-5 engine, the fourth cylinder is not properly cooled. The front in front out concept mazda used on this engine results in unequal cooling.
This is a problem as this causes different combustion situations in the different cylinders.
The overheating in the rear of the engine causes extra wear on different parts resulting in failing piston rings, incorrect emissions, decreasing engine performance and build up of carbon on the valves.

The completey new developped I.L.Motorsport coolant reroute takes care of all these problems.
Due to the front in rear out concept, the engine is more efficiently cooled and will show a more constant temperature reducing the wear on the engine internals.
Even in high load situations the temperature stays stable and helps keep the oil temperature more stable.
Because of the more consistent temperatures the engine management receives more accurate air fuel mixture data which is super important for forced induction engines.

The reroute kit will make your radiator optimize its cooling capabilities and reduce the risk of engine knock / detonation and provide optimal power output.
The kit will also reduce alternator load because the fans will not run as often as they are doing without a reroute kit.
The kit has the same sensor locations as the OEM cooling system, so there is no need for soldering or extending the wiring loom.

This kit contains:

- cast aluminium adapter for rear of the engine
- cast aluminium cover for the adapter piece
- cast aluminium cover for the front thermostat housing
- cast aluminium bracket for the supplied heater hose
- high quality silicone heater hose
- installation materials

All NA 1,6l models
Not for NA/Mk1 1.8l and all NB/NBFL/Mk2/Mk2.5 models

Only suitable for left-hand drive models

Installation Manual PDF (270 KB)