MX-5 M Connect Fast Charge

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  • Mazda MX5 MK4 2015 - & MK4 RF 2016 -
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Aftermarket part, M connect fast charge.

The OEM MZD-Connect integrated USB ports unfortunately do not supply enough power to charge phones or tablets. This fast charger merges the power of both USB ports, to become a standard high power charger resulting in a 200% - 300% increase in charging speed.

It charges phones at max. 1.50A compared to the 0.45A of stock USB ports (0.45A in most cases is not even enough to chage the phone). Due to this boost it also enables iPad® charging

While charging you will retain the posibility of USB data communication with MZD Connect, so that you can still listen to music from your phone while charging.

Note: The use of high quality USB cables is required to enable full speed device charging. Using a damaged, worn-out cable could result in lower charging speeds.

Input voltage : 5V
Input current : 2x 0.75A
Output voltage : 5V
Output current : 1x 1.50A max. (charging current depends on smartphone model and USB cable quality and length)
Charging protocol : CDP 1.2
USB data communication passthrough : Yes (routed to original USB port #2)


MK4 2015 - all models with MZD connect and double USB panel
MK4 RF 2016 - all models with MZD connect and double USB panel