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MX-5 FL22 Long Life Coolant Pre-Mixed

Mazda® MX-5 MK3 & MK3.5 2005 - 2015 & MK4 2015 -
Genuine Mazda®
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Genuine Mazda® product, Mazda® long life coolant FL22. Supplied in a 5 liter canister
" Premium FL22 Gold "......Note

If the "FL22" mark is shown on or near the cooling system cap, use FL22 type engine coolant.

FL22 type engine coolant is shipped as a diluted solution (55% coolant, 45% water). Use the solution as is when replacing coolant.
Engine coolant capacity (approx. quantity)
7.5 L {7.9 US qt, 6.6 Imp qt}

If the water temperature gauge rises too high, stop the engine and decrease the water temperature to prevent overheating. Then, verify the malfunctioning part and repair or replace it.

If the engine coolant level in the coolant reserve tank is below the L mark during engine coolant air bleeding operation, stop the engine, and after the engine coolant temperature decreases, add engine coolant. Then, resume the engine coolant air bleeding operation.


MK3 2005 - 2008 all models
MK3.5 2008 - 2015 all models
MK4 2015 - all models
MK4 RF 2016 - all models

original Mazda® replacement-part