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MX-5 Kenauto Taikan Door Bushings (Cups)

Mazda® MX-5 MK1, MK2, MK2,5 MK3, MK3,5 & MK4
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brief description

Original door bushing (dove tail/cups) designed by KenAuto in Japan. This is the thickest possible size and most effective door bushing on the market used by thousands on Japanese Roadsters in the circuit. This piece is a replacement for the stock part that the door sits on when closed. By replacing the brittle stock unit, youll notice more steering response and less suspension wiggle. This piece will do a great job of stiffening up your Miata. Installs in minutes and creates a noticeable difference in drivability. Some of the JDM shops such as Joyfast & TUCKIN99 had very high praise for the part and use them on all their race cars now!

Steering response will get much better.
You will feel a firm feeling that comes through from the sheet.
The sound quality of the door speakers will improve and you will get much better sound quality.
The deflection from the shock will improve on the road surface and when you drive over the manholes you will not get the vibrating sound. The TAIKAN will improve the overall feeling of the car.

MK1 1989 - 1998 all models
MK2 1998 - 2000 all models
MK2.5 2000 - 2005 all models
MK3 2005 - 2008 all models
MK3.5 2008 - 2015 all models
MK4 2015 - all models

The kit comes in a set for two (both doors) !
Note: In some cases the door bushings have to be grinded a little for the perfect fit.

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