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MX-5 Sport Exhaust Center Exit & Diffusor

Mazda® MX5 MK3,5 2008 -2013
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brief description

Sports exhaust duplex + rear bumper diffuser Mazda® MX-5 MK 3,5

Combination of the highest quality sport rear silencer and rear diffuser.
The 2 x flooding Mazda® MX-5 MK3,5 sports exhaust in duplex stainless steel design is more than adornment.

Our MX-5 rear silencer is a high-performance exhaust system that is optimally matched to the engine characteristics. We deliberately avoid mass production technology and associated dumping prices. The production takes place by hand, whereby the work on individual sports exhaust systems is always started and finished by a specialist.

The MX-5 sports exhaust system in V2A duplex design is designed as a group A system and offers a pipe diameter of 63mm. The round tailpipes - here 2 x in 90mm are of high quality. The visible surfaces are elegantly polished. Exhaust tuning in perfection.

The material properties, design and thermal properties for optimized heat dissipation of this sports exhaust system ensure a service life that exceeds the life of a vehicle with the least care.

The sound image of the duplex sports exhaust for the Mazda® MX-5 MK 3,5 series.
We paid particular attention to a sound that lives up to the Mazda® MX-5's vehicle idea. Sporty, sonorous, direct - but also suitable for hours on the highway at moderate speeds. The full sound of this sports exhaust system sets itself for the Mazda® MX-5 NC after approx. 1,000 kilometers.

Product features of the sports rear silencer:
Muffler tailpipes 2 x 90mm
MX-5 sports exhaust concept complete group A in 63mm
Made of polished stainless steel
Performance increase 5 - 8 HP (performance run with small 1.8ltr machine)
Exceptional sound
EC operating license (not subject to registration)

Assembling the MX-5 MK 3,5 sports exhaust system:
On all Mazda® MX-5 MK3,5models, the original exhaust silencer is replaced by the ATH model. The original attachment points are used. No cutouts need to be made on the original Mazda® rear apron.

The Mazda® MX-5 sports exhaust has an EC type approval. A demonstration ("TV registration") is not necessary. Only the supplied papers remain on the vehicle.

We manufacture the rear diffuser precisely in GRP. The assembly is done by gluing to the standard bumper.
A TV registration is not necessary. We deliver the part unpainted. The material properties allow for easy painting - we recommend a matt black to highlight the sports exhaust tailpipes. Body color or a contrasting color are of course also conceivable.

Some of the photos show the sports exhaust diffuser in a foiled carbon look. This is only a suggestion. We expressly point out once again that the diffuser is supplied unpainted in GRP.
If you decide to use foiling, please only use high quality foils.

Please note:

MK 3,5 2008 - 2013 Ch.No. 200,000 to 350,000


MK3,5 2008 - 2013