NC0-301073 - Air Filter, Pipercross
Pipercross are the official filter for the MX5 Championship, supplying every car on the grid with a Pipercross performance air filter.(oiled variant) The same high quality filters that go into every MX5 race car can be purchased from us for your road car, so why not get yourself the No.1 filter for your MX5.

For drivers that require 30% more airflow and a lifetime, washable air filter, a Pipercross replacement panel filter provides the perfect solution.

Designed as an original equipment replacement, a Pipercross panel filter replaces the factory air filter within the airbox. Installation is as simple as opening the airbox, discarding the old filter and replacing it with a free-flowing Pipercross air filter.

As airborn dirt particles are trapped by a paper or cotton-gauze air filter, there is a dramatic increase in pressure drop which essentially robs the engine of airflow and power. Due to the deep foam construction of each Pipercross air filter, airflow is able to negotiate trapped dirt.

Air filter service intervals are extended with the Pipercross panel filter, with a lifespan (between cleaning) of double that of the same paper filter and nearly three times that of a cotton-gauze filter. By simply cleaning and refitting the Pipercross panel filter, there is less waste and service costs are reduced.

Fits all Mk3, Mk3.5 & 3.75 models, 2005>2015

For cleaning your Pipercross air filter panel, we recommend the Pipercross filter service kit with our reference number W00-0029.
61,75 €