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I.L.Motorsport – customized tuning

I.L. Motorsport Spare Parts At I.L.Motorsport you will not only find parts to distinguish yourself from the crowd, but also a large and extensive range of spare parts, developed and designed by us for tuning. Due to the large customer demand for high quality but affordable parts, we introduced I.L. Spare Parts. We are able to offer these parts through our extensive racing experience and excellent contacts with leading manufacturers.

We have expand our product range, to meet the demands of our customers. Thanks to close cooperation with companies like Hella, Eibach, Raid, BBK, JacksonRacing, Rotrex, Maruha Japan, Tomei ... we are a driving force of the development of new mx-5 products. I.L. Motorsport also offers you a workshop with a wide range of services and maintenance for your mx-5. Visit our new showroom in Hürth near Cologne and enjoy our extensive experience and knowledge of custom parts and support of the MX-5.

Through our race cars (MAX5 Racing) we are able to test new products during racing under full load and improve our products, so we know our parts are reliable and can be trusted in all circumstances. As well as in our own racing cars I.L.Motorsport parts are used in other race cars, with their feedback we are able to further develop and improve our parts.


  • Service
  • TÜV / ASU
  • Brake & Tireservice
  • Hood installations
  • Tuning parts installation
  • MX-5 Detailing
  • Restoring

Tuning Parts

  • Exhaust Systems
  • Chromed Parts
  • Bumpers
  • Lighting
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Hoods
  • Spare Parts


  • Race Accessories
  • Consulting
  • Race Car Service

I.L.Motorsport GmbH is a QFakt certified business that fulfills demands of the international (ECE-Regulations), european (EC guidelines) and the german road traffic laws (StVZO). This allows us to receive type approvals and TÜV certificates from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority.

To convince yourself of the quality, just dive into the MX-5 world of I.L.Motorsport. Because here you will find the latest offers and newest products. Our online shop is available around the clock

Dive into the world of I.L.Motorsport! Get a visual impression of years of experience and service on your MX-5.