MX-5 FL22 Long Life Coolant Pre-Mixed

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  • Mazda MX-5 MK3 & MK3.5 2005 - 2015 & MK4 2015 -
  • Item weight: 5kg
Original Mazda® Product
Genuine Mazda product, mazda long life coolant FL22. Supplied in a 5 liter canister
" Premium FL22 Gold "......Note

• If the "FL22" mark is shown on or near the cooling system cap, use FL22 type engine coolant.

• FL22 type engine coolant is shipped as a diluted solution (55% coolant, 45% water). Use the solution as is when replacing coolant.
Engine coolant capacity (approx. quantity)
7.5 L {7.9 US qt, 6.6 Imp qt}

• If the water temperature gauge rises too high, stop the engine and decrease the water temperature to prevent overheating. Then, verify the malfunctioning part and repair or replace it.

• If the engine coolant level in the coolant reserve tank is below the L mark during engine coolant air bleeding operation, stop the engine, and after the engine coolant temperature decreases, add engine coolant. Then, resume the engine coolant air bleeding operation.


MK3 2005 - 2008 all models
MK3.5 2008 - 2015 all models
MK4 2015 - all models
MK4 RF 2016 - all models