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ZUB-1115 - MX-5 King Racing Bearing Trimetal Con Rod Bearing 0.25 Oversize - 1
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MX-5 King Racing Bearing Trimetal Con Rod Bearing 0.25 Oversize

Mazda® MX-5 MK1, MK2, MK2,5 1989 - 2005
Genuine King Race Bearings
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brief description

Genuine King Race Bearing part, con rod bearing 0.25 oversize.

King race bearings XP series is a line of bearings with advanced metallurgical and geometric technologies that meet extreme performance loads. It was developed for all performance applications that produce high loads for extended periods. King Racing’s XP series features pMax Black™, a unique tri-metal structure that is 24% harder than any other conventional tri-metal race bearing. pMax Black™ together with the XP geometric features are the ideal combination for performance driving and racing.

King race bearings feature:
- Bull’s Eye Tolerance™, it combines highly accurate machining, overplating, and computerized wall thickness monitoring that adjusts the process on-the-spot.
This process outperforms the industry’s wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation shell-to-shell. The outcome: A new standard in bearing thickness consistency.

- U-Groove™, a unique 90⁰ oil groove shape that increases bearing load capacity by expanding the surface area, while keeping oil flow capacity intact.

- EliptiX™ is a newly designed oil slot/oil hole hybrid that improves oil ingress, without affecting the bearing’s surface. The innovative changes to the slot hole prevent a compromised load capacity.

- RadiaLock™ is an optimal crush height value obtained from an optimization process that customizes each bearing crush height to its specific performance requirements.

- EccentriX™ is an optimized eccentricity value reached through elasto-hydrodynamic analysis and dynamic calculations.


MK1 1989 - 1998 all models
MK2 1998 - 2000 all models
MK2.5 2000 - 2005 all models

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