MX-5 Dino Kraftpaket Battery Charger 6/12V-4A

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  • Mazda MX-5 MK1 , MK2 , MK3 , MK4
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MX-5 Battery charger 6V/12V - 4A with pole terminals & ring eyelet cable.

More than just charging. Fully automatic car charger with battery tester & memory storage.

Test function/battery tester:

Displays vehicle battery voltage. For 12-volt batteries, the battery tester works without a mains connection (230V). Simply connect terminals to the battery and the LCD display will show the car battery voltage. For 6-volt batteries, a mains connection is required.

Memory Storage:

The microprocessor in the charger has a memory function. If the 230V supply is interrupted during charging, the charger will save the previously selected charging program.  When the mains supply is restored, the unit starts automatically and continues charging in the last selected program.
Select the desired charging voltage (6V or 12V) and the microprocessor-controlled charger will do everything fully automatically, from regeneration mode to completion of the charging cycle and maintenance charging of full batteries. Six charging programs are available for selection. Fully automatic battery charging takes place in 11 charging steps. The modern safety technology with reverse polarity protection, overheating protection, overload protection and short circuit protection protects you and the device from incorrect operation. Two cables with comfort plugs (permanent charging cable with ring lugs for fixed mounting & pole terminals) are included with the jet-proof and dust-tight device (protection class IP65). For battery types: Lead-acid, WET, MF, GEL, AGM, stop+go/Rec. Battery capacity: 1.2 - 120 Ah/min Battery voltage: 0.7 V/Rec. current: 0.2 mA after completion of charge.

Please note:

This battery charger is suitable for all standard installed MX-5 battery types
of the model series MK1 , MK2 , MK3 , MK4