MX-5 shift knob snooker anodized / red 5 speed

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  • Mazda MX-5 Typ MK1 , MK2 , MK2,5 with 5 speed gearbox
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MX-5 shift knob snooker anodized / red 5 speed
The IL Motorsport gear knob " Snooker Design " is manufactured as a basic body from a snooker ball. The handmade threaded insert with anodized collar and the complex designed inlay with gearshift diagram complete the retro style perfectly. The ball design of this gear knob fits comfortably in the hand and allows the gears to be engaged quickly and easily. The thread was incorporated as far as possible into the gear knob, so that the gear knob is located very low on the shifter.
In contrast to conventional accessory shift knobs, our shift knob is engraved with the MX-5's shift pattern and is highlighted in black. The reverse gear is marked in red in the shift diagram.
Please note:
MK1 1989 - 1998 all models
MK2 1998 - 2000 with 5 speed gearbox
MK2,5 2000 - 2005 all models with 5 speed gearbox
Version: ELOXIDATED / RED !!!