MX-5 Steelflex Brakeline Set

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  • MX-5 MK1 , MK2 & MK2,5 1989-2005
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New !!!

Now with general operating permit (ABE). An entry in the vehicle documents is therefore no longer necessary. The ABE is supplied with the brake lines.

The decisive advantage of our " Steelflex brake line " is the direct transmission of the brake pressure to the brake calipers.
Compared to the conventional rubberized brake hoses, which age and become porous over the years, the Steelflex brake lines hardly expand under pressure.
Since safety is our top priority, we use only very high quality steel as well as high quality hose material for this top of the line product.

The pressure created in the brake system during braking is transmitted to the brake calipers immediately and without delay.
This shortens the response time of the brake system and thus the braking distance.

It results in a very good dosage ,a firm pedal feel and a perfect pressure point.

Our Stahlflex brake lines consist of a hose with Teflon PTFE Inlayer and a V2A stainless steel fabric sheathing.

This kit made by IL Motorsport especially for the MX-5 models MK1 , MK2 & MK2,5 is unique on the market at the moment.
So you will not find any manufacturer on the entire MX-5 market who makes the effort like we do, to manufacture all original brackets exactly so that the brake lines can be mounted exactly like the originals , at the mounting points specified by the manufacturer.
We have spared no expense and effort here to develop you the best of the best.

- Exact pressure point
- Excellent dosing
- Direct response
- 1000-times proven in racing
- Marten proof

Please note:

MX-5 MK1  1,6 Ltr. & 1,8 ltr.
MX-5 MK2 & MK2,5 models with brake disc diameter VA 255mm , HA 251mm