MX-5 Triple Pass Aluminium Performance Radiator

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  • Mazda MX-5 MK3 & MK3.5 2005 - 2015
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IL Motorsport has a new triple-pass radiator for all Mazda MX-5 NC models in the program...;
The system of this radiator is called cross flow triple pass design. The aluminum radiator can be attached to the original , factory brackets and the original coolant hoses can be used. This performance radiator is especially well suited for use in performance upgraded vehicles to handle the higher thermal loads and pressures and provide reliable cooling performance at all times.

Triple-pass radiators circulate coolant first through the top half of the radiator, then across the center section and back through the bottom half, providing triple the heat dissipation.
In this way, the exit temperature is significantly reduced.
Advanced fin and tube technology:

The specially designed tube profile provides a higher flow rate without the pressure drop that occurs with some multi-pass designs. The core features fins with a denser arrangement. More cooling fins per inch than standard radiator grids means a larger cooling surface area, resulting in significantly higher efficiency.
A 32mm core provides the highest efficiency and lightest weight:

Conventional high-performance coolers achieve their cooling performance only through the thickness of the core or cooler net, which eventually affects efficiency, so yield decreases as core thickness increases. A thicker core also means a heavier cooler. The new coolers with Triple Pass Technology, allow for maximum cooling performance while reducing core thickness. The 32mm core of our performance cooler allows for fast air circulation , which further improves cooling performance, and keeps the weight at a low level. The narrower design also means that the Performance Cooler can be used against the factory unit without any conversion work.

Fits all Mazda MX-5 MK3 models 2005-2015

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