The first impression counts.....

When the doors are opened, these elegant panels are immediately noticeable. Get it fast!

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Battery charger "Dino power pack"

More than just a charger. Fully automatic battery charger with tester & memory function. Simply connect the clamps to the battery and the LCD display shows you the voltage of the battery.

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Vintage Style "quilted trim" for every MX-5

The diamond stitched Look ( quilted trim ) gives the interior a sixties vintage style. This is absolute cult. Make something special from your interior. Order now!

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Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit With Type Approval

We are very happy to offer you our I.L.Motorsport stainless steel brake line kit with type approval (ABE) The big advantage is the direct transmission of the brake pressure to the brake calliper. This shortens the braking distance.

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Ash wood for your interior

The new gear knob and handbrake handle made of ash wood results in a very elegant wood design that enriches the interior of your MX-5 NA.

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When shifting should be addictive!!!!

The short shifter replaces the original shifter. Installation results in extreme short shifting. With a 40% shorter throw, shifting becomes addictive.

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We will make your MX-5 shine!

We are happy to present you car care products as official Meguiar's dealer. Take a look at the extensive car care program and spoil your MX-5's interior and exterior.

Meguiar's car care products

cell phone & tablet charging at double speed

This high speed charger merges the two USB ports into a high performance charger. That means atleast double the normal charging speed on all cell phones and tablets. For MX-5 MK4 models exclusively!

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Brand new parts with super prices!

Left and right seat with side airbags, hoods with complete frame, window switches, door cards, heat exchangers, infotainment system and many more parts. With these prices the decission is made very easy.



König Wheels Hypergram Rim 15X7.5 ET35

König Wheels Hypergram Rim 15X7.5 ET35

The König Wheels Hypergram rim come in a lightweight 12-spoke design that is inspired by motorsports in its construction, appearance and ability to handle even larger brakes and upgrades! Thanks to flow-forming …

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