Spring shopping tour in the I.L. Shop!

Let your MX-5 smile and order today.
It is waiting for new spark plugs, filters, brakes, luggage sets and much more!

Have fun at the spring shopping tour in the I.L.Motorsport shop!

Less wind through cool design...

The transparent polycarbonate windblocker with engraved roadster logo clearly offers more surface area than the OEM / original windblocker. Due to the larger surface area we achieve better protection from wind and draft especially in the upper body area.

On cooler days and fast highway rides, driving open is more fun!

Vintage Style "quilted trim" for every MX-5

The diamond stitched Look ( quilted trim ) gives the interior a sixties vintage style. This is absolute cult.
Make something special from your interior.
Order now!

When shifting should be addictive!!!!

The short shifter replaces the original shifter. Installation results in extreme short shifting. With a 40% shorter throw, shifting becomes addictive.

Brand new parts with super prices!

Left and right seat with side airbags, hoods with complete frame, window switches, door cards, heat exchangers, infotainment system and many more parts.

With these prices the decission is made very easy.

What's New
MX-5 GepƤcknetz by I.L.Motorsport
19,85 EUR
MX-5 water pump kmpl. MK4 1,5 l + 2,0 l
125,26 EUR
MX-5 water pump kmpl. MK4 184 HP
182,07 EUR
MX-5 Cell Phone Mount With Phone Holder - righthand drive
58,91 EUR
MX-5 Air Conditioning Pipe No. 3 Cooling Pipe MK4
54,30 EUR
Special Offers
MX-5 Wind Deflector Clear I.L.Motorsport
97,58 EUR 87,82 EUR
MX-5 Intake Header Bracket 1.6l
58,55 EUR 52,69 EUR
I.L.Motorsport Mirrorcaps With Turnsignals Unpainted
182,19 EUR 127,53 EUR
MX-5 Clutch Cover
113,10 EUR 73,52 EUR
Switch Surrounds Mk1 (set of 4)
29,25 EUR 32,61 EUR
Tachometer Dial Face made from highest quality materials

Created from the highest quality aluminium, high precision tachometer dial face for ND models. The surface is processed...

Exhaust with sound control

Stainless sport Exhaust with Sound control, the System fit all MX-5 ND from 2015 and up. The Sound control is not allowed...

Smoked Side Markers MK4

Available now! Smoked side markers for the MX-5 ND and ND RF models. This set of 4 smoked side markers will be supplied...

Quilted Carpet Mat Set MK1 Models

This high quality quilted carpet mat set adds a most desired retro look to your interior. This extravagant product is a real...

Quilted Boot Mat Set MK1 models

Available shortly! This high quality quilted carpet mat set adds a most desired retro look to your interior. This extravagant...